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Born in Israel from an Egyptian mother and a Moroccan father from Spain. Ishtar, is the Queen of the Middle East.

At age 14, Ishtar began performing professionally in English. Even while serving in the Israeli army as the first female jet fighter plane mechanic, she was allowed to go off base to perform in night clubs.

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After a globe-spanning journey, Ishtar was offered the lead in the group Alabina.
Because of her background and her world travel, Ishtar is fluent in 5 languages and sings in all of them.

"In my music, I bring the sensuality of the ancient Egyptian woman to life. As the world gets smaller, it's easy to imagine the kind of international artist, whose music has no borders, is unchallenged by exotic idioms and unfazed by foreign dances. My music is the music of the past, updated for the present and future."


Ishtar has performed for hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the world. Since her debut at Summer stage 4 years ago, she has headlined at Hammerstein (2x), Beacon (2x), Greek Theater (5x), Universal Theater (3x), Wolf Trap (2x), Aladdin and the Desert Inn, Caesar's AC (2x), Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, Hard Rock Chicago and The Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami (2x).


She has also performed in Spain, Russia, Italy, Israel, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Africa, Greece, France, India, Mexico, Panama, Romania, Poland, UK and Brazil.

"There is a mixture of cultures, generations and religions at my concerts. Like my music, they blend together without limits."

Ishtar and Alabina have sold over 1 1⁄2 million cd's and now, Ishtar is recording demos in her first language; English.

In the last month of 2003, Ishtar has performed in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto and Las Vegas to sell out audiences.


Ishtar, an Israeli singer, actress and jet fighter plane mechanic, never thought that she’d find herself fronting a Gypsy World Beat Band in Paris.


As Alabina-the group named after their successful single-Ishtar and Los Ninos de Sara draw upon the pergrinations of a centuries old culture and the adventures of a platinum tressed post nationalist, to create an unprecedented pop hit. “Alabina” has sold over 800,000 copies in Europe, 300,000 in the U.S. and was on the World Music Charts for months.


Born in Israel, Ishtar embarked on a globe spanning journey following her stint in the Israeli army as the first woman jet fighter plane mechanic. Eventually, she wound up in Paris, where she pursued her lifelong interest in singing, first with the French vocalist Julian Clerc and the with Lambada arrivistes Kaoma.

“This is the first time that I’m singing in Arabic”, she says, “I can speak it and write it, but I sang mostly in English.” When producer Charles Ibgui approached her with the “Alabina” song, Ishtar was hooked. “I loved it, my grandmother used to sing it to me.”

As the world grows smaller, it’s easy to imagine the kind of internationalist band-musicians unafraid of high tech studios, unchallenged by exotic idioms, unfazed by foreign tongues and dances-that will take the soul of nomadic people into the next millennium.


Ishtar started putting together her cross-cultural blend of music, fittingly enough, in Paris, the musical melting pot of Europe, where African, Middle Eastern, European and American sounds clash all day and into the night. “I like Paris”, says Ishtar, “world music was born there, I’ve met so many different people from so many different cultures”.


Ishtar’s music is the new face of world music-an image enhanced by her first American performance at Summerstage in NYC three years ago on Bastille Day. Since that show, she has headlined and sold out at Hammerstein(NYC), Beacon (NYC), Greek Theater (LA-4 times), Universal Theater (LA-3 times), Wolf Trap (DC-3 times), Desert Inn (Vegas-2 times), Ravinia Amphitheater (Chicago), Caesar’s (AC-3times), Foxwood’s (Conn-3 times). She has also performed all over the world in Spain, Russia, France, Italy, England, Armenia, Sweden, Africa, Greece etc. Her biggest audience was in Barcelona for 450,000 fans.


Ishtar feels at home all over the world “ I have a lot of faces within me, a lot of cultures. My parents come from Arabic countries and they have brought their traditions; European, Spanish and African.”

Ishtar is hopeful that her multi-generational, muti-ethnic audiences points to a more tolerant future. “There are Jews, Arabs, Americans singing the same songs, the same lyrics, having fun and dancing. Like my music, they mix together without limits.”


In May, Sony Music released Ishtar’s first solo cd entitled “Ishtar, the voice of Alabina.” The cd has 10 songs in French as well as one in English “Last Kiss.” The cd is in stores in the U.S. and is doing very well.

In October 2001, Ishtar’s new solo single “C’est La Vie” is number 21 on the French charts.






A delicate and numerous musician who does not lack references and fear miscellany of styles. After the conservatory in classical guitar and facts of sonic weapon in a rock experimental tendency, it made point out during numerous concerts with various trainings, or solo, notably in the first one left Joseph Arthur.





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Paddy Milner is an author / compositor virtuoso of the Piano. His original style is formed by influence blues, jazz, boogie - woogie and rock n’ roll. Taken out award a diploma of its music school, Paddy constructed youth since sound more a reputation of one of the most accomplished and original pianists in style Blues / Boogie.




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We woke up one morning last year to find that our dearly beloved gig van had been stolen. We called around and found a geezer (through a friend of a friend of a guy who used to know this other guy who had a friend that knew some geezer that was a mate of Bob's) in Peckham selling a van - coincidentally the same make and model as our own, but a different colour. So we went straight down, paid in cash and headed off down the M3 to our gig. As usual, there weren't enough seats for us all so we drew straws, Bob lost and thus his fate was sealed : into the back of the van with the amps and kit. On the motorway the minutes became hours and the hours became boring until we noticed a copper tailing us...then another one...soon the blue lights were flashing and, after having driven straight passed the first place that they told us to stop in (unwittingly turning it into a high speed chase), they forced us off into a side road where another couple of coppers were waiting with a stinger belt (tyre spikes). What had we done ? We hadn't done anything wrong - apart from the usual...


Pulled out of the van, we were searched and questioned (while Bob was still illegally in the back of the van). It transpired that the van we'd bought that morning had been stolen the night before - and here's the only bit of artistic license - underneath the lick of paint and hasty re-fit was our own van !! Eitherway, we didn't know wether to laugh and cry at the comically tragic chain of events, so we did both. But on the bright side we made the gig in the end - 'never on time, never late' - and got a song out of it all...